Elevating Our Brands: A Year-End Introduction to Little Leaf’s Powerhouse Clients


Elevating Our Brands: A Year-End Introduction to Little Leaf’s Powerhouse Clients

Here at the Little Leaf, we believe in the brands we represent. As the year comes to an end, we’d like to shine a spotlight on our clients and their accomplishments. Celebrate with us as we give you a glimpse into these innovative brands and the faces behind them. 


Happy V is a wellness company committed to creating scientifically-sound products and educational content to help women lead healthier and more fulfilled lives. 

Happy V launched in August 2019 and since then has had a rapid upward trajectory, and has expanded its community as a result. Happy V has successfully improved awareness surrounding vaginal wellness, and has achieved its mission to destigmatize the way society views and talks about vaginas.

Meet the Founder

Daniella Levy is a Latina founder and entrepreneur that is making waves in the vaginal wellness industry. She believes talking about vaginal health should be as normal as talking about skin care and hair care. 

Her mission? Empowering women and improving their lives physically through providing wellness that works and mentally by using Happy V as a platform to increase awareness and conversations about vaginal health.

Affiliate link here.


Founded by the fire duo Amy Baldwin and April Lampert, Shameless Sex Podcast ultimately seeks one thing: a Shameless Sex Revolution! Shameless Sex is an unabashed real talk about sexuality with a playful twist.

Together, Amy and April inspire radical self-love, sexual empowerment, and shame-free intimacy on their weekly episodes. After amassing over 88k listeners globally, Amy and April’s wealth of collective knowledge culminated in the birth of their new book, Shameless Sex. With all these accomplishments, Amy and April are well on their way to inspiring a revolution. 

About the Authors: 

Amy was voted 2022’s Sexpert of the Year within the pleasure products industry. She is a Sex and Relationship Coach trained in both the Somatica® and Hakomi Method, Certified Sex Educator, lead educator for Überlube, as well as co-owner of a mother-daughter owned online pleasure boutique called Pure Pleasure Shop.

April has been a sexual pleasure pioneer since 2008, educating people around the globe about sex toys and sexual health and wellness. She is co-owner and Chief Sales and Partnerships Officer of Hot Octopuss, one of the most innovative and inclusive sex toy brands today. April is an industry personality, mentor and was Woman of the Year in the pleasure products industry in 2016 and has dedicated her life to the business of sexual pleasure.


A 2024 XBiz nominee, Eye of Love, leading premium pheromone brand, helps individuals connect, build confidence, attract new love, reinvigorate their relationships, and realize the success they desire, in every aspect of their lives.

Combining the highest quality vegan pheromones and seductive fragrances, Eye of Love creates perfumes and colognes that evoke sensuality and confidence. A family-run company based in San Diego, Eye of Love has won customers’ hearts globally and is now selling in over 20 countries.

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Another 2024 XBiz nominee, ERIKALUST is the company behind the acclaimed adult filmmaker Erika Lust. They aim to challenge the porn industry standards by promoting high-quality cinematic storytelling and a realistic representation of human sexuality and sex. Erika Lust Films is part of a new wave of adult cinema made with an ethical production process challenging mass produced mainstream pornography.

Meet the Founder: 

Erika Lust is an award-winning indie erotic filmmaker who creates sex-positive adult cinema by portraying relatable characters and realistic hot sex, going beyond gender stereotypes and harmful fetishisations to offer a groundbreaking alternative to mass produced mainstream porn. Over the past 20 years, the Erika Lust brand has gone from strength to strength. Erika has directed 6 feature films and series, over 130 short films, and produced around 150 more.


Countess Diamond, a UK-based professional dominatrix, is foremost an artistic dominant who thrives on psychological control with a goal to improve lives, support her clients and help them embrace their sexualities. Her specialties include mental domination, chastity and financial domination, along with sex workers rights, the future of sex work and parenting as a sex worker.

Countess Diamond, a revered figure within BDSM the community, is a seasoned public speaker with the ability to capture audiences with her frank and insightful style. She covers topics ranging from kink and BDSM to the intersection between sex work and sextech. Countess Diamond’s expertise and versatility are invaluable in the sexual wellness space. 


Garnering an awe-inspiring five 2024 XBIZ award nominations, FUN FACTORY, a pioneer luxury pleasure brand, is committed to making toys that are responsibly and ethically manufactured, with body-friendly materials. For over twenty years they’ve created toys that inspire sexual exploration.

FUN FACTORY makes their products well, so their customers are free to focus on FUN. Their products are responsibly manufactured in Germany, with fair labor practices and a tiny carbon footprint, because they know that ethics are sexy. We whole-heartedly agree. 

About the Founders: 

In 1996, recent engineering grads Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl Dirk Bauer and Michael Pahl realized that the adult toy store landscape was dire. Imagine piles of beige, realistic dildos made of mystery rubber, each giving off a chemical smell.

So they sat down at Dirk’s kitchen table with a sketch pad and some Play-Doh to design the first ever body-safe, non-phallic, harness-compatible dildo: PADDY PENGUIN. That day, FUN FACTORY was born. Since then, they’ve moved from a kitchen table to an eco-friendly, fair labor factory in Bremen, Germany that creates toys for bedrooms all around the world.

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Multi-award-winning sexual wellness brand, LOVE NOT WAR, designs and manufactures all their products using as much recycled material as possible, all within their own custom built, green powered factory. As an eco-driven brand, their transition to using NeoSilicone™, a groundbreaking body-safe silicone compound, showcases the brand’s dedication to pushing boundaries and prioritizing consumer well-being. 

LOVE NOT WAR toys are also unique as they come in two parts, a battery base called “The Power of Love” and a selection of separate “Heads” which are interchangeable, offering the consumer multiple toys in one. Their unique design choices have not gone unnoticed. LOVE NOT WAR also earned a 2024 XBIZ award nomination. 

About the CEO: 

From its launch in 2021, Will Ranscombe, CEO and cofounder of Love Not War, saw sustainability as a core pillar of the business model of the brand from day one. For him and the Love Not War team, the aim of Love Not War is simple: to encourage people to orgasm with a clean conscience. It’s much easier to fully enjoy your body when you know that the impact your pleasure is having is small. Indirectly, a sustainable orgasm is a more pleasurable one.

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The trailblazer in inclusive sexual pleasure, Babeland is a sex toy boutique offering erotic toys, books and pornographic films. Babeland has an online store and four retail stores. Since its founding, Babeland has been at the forefront of providing high-quality intimate products, sex-positive education, and a welcoming, inclusive space for all adults to explore their sexuality.

In 1993, Claire Cavanah and Rachel Venning founded ‘Toys in Babeland’, the brand’s original name, in Seattle, Washington.  With a mission to provide information and encouragement to women seeking to explore their sexuality, what started as a women-focused endeavor soon embraced and welcomed people of all genders and sexual orientations, becoming a true community resource.

Meet the Face of Babeland: 

Lisa Finn, Babeland’s brand manager, is a Brooklyn-based Sex Educator, working with Babeland since 2016 as well as helping teach classes and co-write educational pieces for Babeland’s sibling company, Good Vibes, since 2019.

They’ve been featured in publications such as the New York Times, Cosmo, Forbes, GQ, Buzzfeed, The Knot, Men’s Health and more – being quoted on everything from beginner’s tips to BDSM how-tos, sexual wellness information, and the latest sex trends – even being given title of “sex toy fairy godmother” in an article in Women’s Health Magazine. 

Affiliate link here.


Founded in 1977, Good Vibrations was one of America’s first sex-positive, shame-free, woman-friendly places to shop for all things pleasure. This legendary sexual wellness brand continues to be a beacon of sex positivity and pleasure for women, men, transgender and nonbinary folks from all walks of life and all over the world. Their greatest pleasure remains helping everybody find and celebrate theirs.

They work toward a day when people (of all genders and all orientations) have access to safe, non-judgmental, sex-positive information, products, and resources so they can cultivate their own best sexual health and intimate choices. They help spur this vision into reality via raising awareness of the many diverse issues surrounding sex and gender. They focus on comfortable and informed communication in their stores, online, and in their community outreach.

Meet the Queen:

Dr. Carol Queen, PhD, Good Vibes’ staff sexologist, is an award-winning author, sex-positive activist and educator with a PhD in sexology. Since joining the GV team in 1990, she’s represented Good Vibes to the public and the press, and serves as Staff Sexologist and Historian—and the curator of our Antique Vibrator Museum. She seeks to engage audiences with humor, information, and expertise at these and other in-store and community presentations.

She’s written or edited several books, including Exhibitionism for the Shy; The Leather Daddy & the Femme; and The Sex & Pleasure Book: Good Vibrations Guide to Great Sex for Everyone (lead author, with Shar Rednour). She has been speaking publicly about sexuality for over 45 years and frequently speaks to the media as well as college, conference, and other audiences.

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From the legendary trailblazers to start-up innovators, Little Leaf Agency is proud to help elevate and accelerate the success of our roster of exciting clients. As the year ends, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating these sexual wellness brands as they strive to spread pleasure, sexual-positivity, and sexual liberation globally. For them, this is just the beginning.



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