Gen Z Marketing And PR Tactics: Blending Digital With IRL

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Gen Z Marketing And PR Tactics: Blending Digital With IRL

Sometimes, you’ve got to shake things up to experience true innovation and change, and that’s exactly what Gen Z is doing with the entire concept of the consumer funnel. As PR experts and marketers, there are various ways to convince Gen Z why they should support a brand, but what methods stand out the most? Marketing to Gen Z isn’t always straightforward, but the answer is creative approaches to social media and IRL experiences. Billboards and magazine ads aren’t where this demographic is persuaded. They’re breaking traditions and, in the process, getting us industry experts out of our comfort zone. Here are the top ways, both online and offline, to speak to Gen Z more effectively. 

Curate experiences, both offline and online

Niche has consistently been proven to be more effective than broad, especially in Gen Z marketing. And even more important, when it comes to selling something as intimate as sexual wellness products. Going bespoke and digitally customizing can be done through AI, shopping quizzes, and chatbots, which help “interview” people and make them feel more comfortable in an area where they might need guidance to see how a sex toy or service will fit into their lives. 

For in-person events, this can mean including more pre-meditated concepts, like personalized gift bags for influencers and other attendees based on different categories that they might fit into, instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach. You can even mail personalized notebooks filled with the event agenda or offer different activities to choose from. Virtual events can be made more personal by mailing attendees a DIY cocktail or mocktail kit, or even a goodie bag to enhance a sense of community. 

Although artificial intelligence can’t replace a person, it can certainly facilitate the process of understanding the consumer’s complex needs more easily by doing much of the gruntwork when it comes to data. 

Head to the right social media platforms

Video is king when it comes to Gen Z, whether that’s on Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok. These dynamic platforms aren’t just how Gen Z unwinds – it’s how they process the world around them, receive their news, educate themselves and interact with others. 

There are tons of qualified sex education experts on social media just waiting to spread the word on your products and how they can fit into their followers’ lives. Although those with bigger followings might exclusively agree to paid partnerships, you’d be surprised how many influencers with impressive engagement stats are willing to participate in gifted or earned partnerships, showcasing your service or product while providing crucial education to their followers. 

Another under-utilized form of Gen Z marketing is user-generated content (UGC). One of the beautiful things about Gen Z is how diverse they are. You can’t put this demographic in a box. To really highlight that diversity, brands, and marketers can capitalize on UGC by setting up hashtags, mailing out gifts, and working with influencers who might just happen to set off a viral trend. 

Digital isn’t everything

Although it looks like Gen Z is constantly living their lives behind a screen, they crave that IRL social connection and community we all do, especially in the post-pandemic era! Despite being digital first, in-person experiences will always be more exclusive (and a great photo-op to post online later) than virtual events. Whether it’s pop-up events, exclusive in-person access to certain sales, interactive activities, or the potential to meet and greet with a celebrity, hosting local events in different cities opens up doors for new brand partnerships and a more immersive experience.

Getting out of the comfort zone

As cozy as a linear consumer funnel has been, it’s also been holding us back. As a sexual wellness PR agency, we’re well aware that the adult industry needs a new level of innovation and disruption to gain attention, especially when it comes to younger people. Brands like Unbound are at the forefront of that movement, speaking directly to Generation Z with carefully curated (and hilarious) social media content, gender-neutral sex toys, and on-point aesthetics. 

Those who work in sex toy PR and marketing within the adult industry are masters of creating loopholes and working around various forms of censorship, so we should use that power to adapt to create new ways of thinking when it comes to Gen Z marketing trends



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