Little Leaf Agency At EroSpain, And Other Adult Trade Shows To Know

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Little Leaf Agency At EroSpain, And Other Adult Trade Shows To Know

Little Leaf Agency has taken root at EroSpain! From May 5- 7, our team members headed to Barcelona to start some dialogue with the inspiring sexual wellness professionals showcasing innovation at the trade show this year.

Without an adult expo like EroSpain, we wouldn’t be able to have the important and empowering dialogues that make us so passionate about what we do. These events amplify the voices of sexual wellness brands and sexual wellness PR agencies like Little Leaf, which work to support those brands the best we can as catalysts for change, inclusivity, and sex-positive attitudes. 

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We said hello to orgasm activist Venus O’Hara, a British expat living in Spain and doing great things to empower and educate people on pleasure.  

venus o hara and kathryn byberg at erospain

Our client Love Not War, and its co-founder Will Ranscombe, who are merging the worlds of sustainability and pleasure like never before.

love not war at erospain adult expo

Our other client, pioneering German-engineered Fun Factory and its co-founder Dirk Bauer who went home with a lifetime achievement after the event!

dirk bauer, fun factory, erospain adult trade show

EroSpain is one of several iconic adult trade shows making waves in the world of sexual wellness and spreading the sex-positive word while acting as a networking hub for people in our industry. Here are the other erotic B2B traed shows that you need to know abpout to help build your community.

1. AVN Expo

A leader in the adult industry, this annual extravaganza is one to know about. Taking place every year in Las Vegas, everyone from retailers and buyers to manufacturers and wholesalers attends this now-iconic adult expo with booths in every adult sector possible.

2. ETO Show

ETO is a B2B trade show based in the UK and has a well-known presence within the UK and EU. The ETO Show offers a space for manufacturers and retailers in the United Kingdom market and beyond to show off their products, network, and connect with other brands with an ethical and educational approach toward sexual wellness.

3. eroFame

Little Leaf had the pleasure of attending eroFame last year and had a blast. Hosted in Hannover, Germany, eroFame has an unparalleled presence in Europe, acting as a gateway for pleasure professionals all over the world. Collaboration is at its heart, and the global opportunities here show a synergy between the different international markets.

4. XBIZ Show

Based on the sunny streets of LA, the California-based XBIZ Expo displays a variety of services and products for all kinds of professionals, from emerging stars to the veterans who started it all. This is also where the coveted XBIZ awards take place, showcasing the achievements of individuals and companies in different sectors. Our client Erika Lust presented the 2023 keynote address and has also walked home with multiple XBIZ nominations over the years.

5. Stimulate

This relatively new sexual wellness B2B trade show and conference offers a sense of community. Supporting a diverse range of businesses, from suppliers and medical professionals to online sellers, Stimulate’s annual show based in Nashville, Tennessee, also puts expert-led education first.

6. ANME Founders Show

The ANME Founders Show, based in Burbank, California, is primarily for manufacturers, but it’s also open to founders, other industry professionals, and fans. Our clients Eye of Love and uberlube are exhibiting on at ANME’s 2024 show, alongside other successful brands in the intimacy and pleasure space. 

7. Taboo

The Taboo Show, aka the Everything To Do With Sex Show, is an elevated adult playground and the ultimate sex-positive convention of Canada. Taking place across the country, this B2B experience is packed with three days of networking opportunities and exhibits, as well as expert seminars that educate and inform attendees about the dynamic trends that continue to evolve the world of pleasure products.

8. AdultEx

This three-day adult booth trade show focuses on the newest products and innovations emerging in the sexual wellness sector, offering info on the latest product ranges, exclusive discounts that can only be obtained at the event, and the chance to meet world-class leaders who are the future of the industry. Taking place in Australia, this is the ultimate destination for the Aussie crowd.

9. Exxxotica

Dubbed “the world’s largest adult toy store” by the media, this is one of the most comprehensive celebrations of sex around the world and takes place all over the USA. The largest consumer trade show for adult products, over 20,000 attendees come to every show. Similar to XBIZ, it features high-profile adult stars and some live entertainment that can get pretty wild – this isn’t your average trade show!

10. Venus Berlin

This decadent adult entertainment trade fair takes place annually in Berlin, Germany. Showcasing a wide array of products like erotic films, sex toys, and lingerie, this exceptional show has been going on for over 25 years and centers on erotic performances at its show. On a yearly basis, the Venus Award is presented for various achievements and is often called the “Oscar of the erotic industry.”

11. Champs Trade Show

Although Champs Trade Show features different sectors, their adult section is world-renowned. They feature a huge amount of retail and wholesale buyers catering to the B2B counterculture market. Our client uberlube has been featured at Champs, alongside top-notch brands like Awkward Essentials.



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