Why Little Leaf Agency Emphasizes Sustainability in Our Client Roster

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Why Little Leaf Agency Emphasizes Sustainability in Our Client Roster

Poorly manufactured sex toys can take up a lot of space in landfills. While we love pleasure products for the orgasms they provide, at Little Leaf, we believe in only standing behind ethical and sustainable companies who make toys that help our planet, not harm it.

While it’s the responsibility of brands to ensure that their products respect the people making them and the climate, it’s also the responsibility of people who partner with them, such as agencies and influencers, to spotlight brands that are doing their part to minimize their carbon footprint. Take a look at some of our eco-conscious clients on our roster who are setting a new standard in the industry with their eco-friendly sex toys. 

Fun Factory

German-engineered adult toy company Fun Factory is a pioneer in sustainable sexual wellness products. Fun Factory’s products are manufactured responsibly, with fair labor practices and the smallest carbon footprint possible. Their toys are made from 100% silicone, and the battery-powered ones (often the most problematic from an environmental perspective) don’t just come with a rechargeable option – they’re 30% more powerful than other battery-operated toys, which means less charging and less power used. 

With their lithium batteries, toys can last up to 10 years. They’ve also delved into the world of not just eco-friendly sex toys but sexual health with their award-winning FUN CUP menstrual cups. A less wasteful alternative to pads, tampons, and plastic applicators that don’t biodegrade in a landfill, FUN CUPS can last years and encourage zero-waste periods for uterus owners worldwide. 

Their manufacturing process also keeps their carbon footprint small – all products are designed, manufactured, packaged, and shipped from a single place, keeping emissions to a minimum. Fun Factory also implements an extensive recycling program, saving 40 tons of resources annually. Finally, their pleasure products are packaged in recyclable (local when possible) cardboard without the use of any plastic.

Love Not War

Love Not War implements smart sustainability measures, especially when it comes to manufacturing; the company has set up a custom-built factory powered by green energy. In this factory, they set up heating and AC timers, turn off the lights, shut off un unused equipment, and work with sustainability experts to continually commit to doing better as a brand. 

Love Not War tries to lower water and energy consumption and waste production, abiding by the “reduce, repurpose, and reuse” adage whenever possible. Hitting net zero is one of their aims.

Their innovative design practices also cut down on waste in a big way. Love Not War’s universal “Power Of Love” battery base, made from recycled aluminum cans, can be used with a range of the brand’s interchangeable heads. This allows users to experience of all kinds of vibrators, including wands, bullet, rabbit vibes, and g-spot stimulators – without buying multiple battery-powered toys.

They only package in FSC-approved cardboard. Even the text and glue on Love Not War’s packaging is made from green alternatives instead of petroleum-derived ones, which is the commercial norm. 


Uberlube produces their premium silicone lubricant in small batches, at their own facility in Chicago which keeps their carbon emissions at a minimum while ensuring quality and attention to detail. Their formula is 100% vegan and they never use animal testing in their facilities. Best of all, the lube comes in a glass bottle rather than plastic, which many personal lubricants are sold in.

We only work with companies who take responsibility to protect the planet seriously, because we feel that same responsibility. At a time when the world is quite literally on fire, all of us need to be doing our best. 

Eye of Love

Eye of Love is a premium pheromone fragrance company that infuses perfumes and colognes with pheromones, which trigger powerful social and sexual responses like making you appear more confident and attractive to others. Humans and animals naturally produce pheromones, and many fragrance brands aim to recreate that effect by using pheromones derived from animals.

Eye of Love, on the other hand, only uses vegan and cruelty-free formula, protecting animals and the environment. No creatures are harmed in the making of their ethically produced scents, which are derived from wild yam root instead. 



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