BasisDx And Little Leaf Partnership To Change Future Of STI Telemedicine


BasisDx And Little Leaf Partnership To Change Future Of STI Telemedicine

Little Leaf Agency is thrilled to add BasisDx to its roster. This disruptive company is changing the sexual wellness world (and the future of telemedicine) BasisDx is making home STI testing more accessible than ever. The collaboration between BasisDx, a federally approved leading laboratory specializing in home-collect clinical tests, and Little Leaf aims to revolutionize the world of STI testing. As BasisDx enters the US market as the first PASS-certified self-testing STI kit, they set new standards in privacy, accuracy, and convenience for people looking to empower themselves and take control of their sexual health.

Unfortunately, STIs are still a taboo subject in many places. Testing clinics aren’t always accessible, and not everyone feels comfortable in a clinic setting due to the lack of social acceptance. BasisDx provides the same level of professional results as a clinic, minus the embarrassment. Plus, there’s the perk of testing from the comfort of the consumer’s own home. For sex workers and adult performers such as our client Erika Lust, PASS certification provides a new level of rapid accuracy that’s never been seen before. 

For both the general public and adult industry workers, the brand’s game-changing Pro13 Kit (which carries out 13 assays for HIV 1/2 Ag/Ab, HIV PCR, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, MGen, pharyngeal, rectal and genital Chlamydia, and pharyngeal, rectal and genital Gonorrhea) offers a comprehensive solution to the shocking STI epidemic that’s taken over the USA.

Alongside BasisDx, Little Leaf will use its team’s combined decades of on-the-ground experience in sexual wellness to take the sexual health industry by storm. With this partnership, we’ll keep shattering stigma and giving people more autonomy over their bodies and their health. 

In addition, with Little Leaf founder and CEO Kathryn Byberg’s background in science (she studied for a PhD in molecular biology and biochemistry) we have an added edge to developing our strategy. With our guidance and BasisDx’s innovation, this brand is poised to fill a unique gap in the US market. 

By leveraging our agency’s deeply engrained market understanding and expertise in brand positioning, influencer relations, PR, and marketing communications, BasisDx is sure to become a household name. It will encourage consumers to get tested more routinely and set the tone for more regulation in the STI testing industry. Telemedicine and home testing are the future, and this partnership will undoubtedly play a crucial role in that.



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