Erika Lust Films Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary At Museu de l’Art Prohibit

little leaf at 20 years of erika lust event

Erika Lust Films Celebrates 20 Year Anniversary At Museu de l’Art Prohibit

We headed to Spain to celebrate the “20 Years of Lust” anniversary party with our award-winning client Erika Lust. Attended by our PR director, Dawn Watt, the event was hosted in collaboration with Little Leaf Agency and held at the Museu de l’Art Prohibit, an iconic museum featuring thousands of works that have been banned, censored, or destroyed over the course of history. 

The location felt fitting, given today’s culture of digital censorship, and was completely in sync with Erika Lust’s messaging. The event was attended

Erika Lust has reached the remarkable milestone of celebrating 20 years of ethical porn. The filmmaker’s legacy is undeniable after spending two decades years shaping the ethical porn movement. Lust, a visionary director and producer, has altered how the public understands and consumes adult content. Mainstream porn often perpetuates stereotypes and has a lack of representation on-screen. Combating these issues, Erika Lust films has been a shining beacon of inspiring and empowering X-rated content for all. 

erika lust archived 2004-2024 hardcover book

The attendees included a diverse mix of esteemed personalities and influencers across the sexual wellness sphere, from journalists to adult performers. 

To commemorate the anniversary, they’ve also published Erika Lust Archives: 2004-2024. This unique 200-page hardback book is filled with cinematic photography and the hands-on experiences of Erika and her peers as told by the creators themselves.

Fans can also take advantage of free access to The Good Girl, Lust’s very first erotic short, streaming on 

Pioneers in ethical porn with a feminist twist

Erika Lust started her journey in 2004, disrupting the industry at a time when it desperately needed it.  At this time, problematic mainstream pornography that didn’t prioritize respect of performers was the norm. Lust saw an opportunity for a new kind of content creation in the space. She made it her mission to shift perspectives from objectification to mutual pleasure and consent with a focus on diversity.

The female gaze was central to this new world that Lust was birthing. Adult entertainment hasn’t always put the experiences of women first, but through a feminist lens, Erika Lust pivoted to present sexuality in an intimate and authentic way that resonated with women and demographics beyond the cis-het male who was previously the main demographic catered to. 

erika lust speaking at 20 years of pleasure event

Erika Lust movies aren’t the only ethical thing about the company. The sets are a collaborative environment and a safe space where performers are given a voice. Communication comes first in the production process. Similarly, conversations about consent and boundaries occur regularly to ensure everyone feels comfortable and is on the same page. 

A rebel who pushed against the industry’s norms, Erika Lust also changed the game with her commitment to inclusivity and diversity both onscreen and behind the camera. 

Leaders in inclusivity

Representation is one of Lust’s most prioritized values for adult performers and the workers behind the scenes. She ensures working with a diverse range of sexual orientations, bodies, gender identities, and ethnicities. The full spectrum of sexuality is depicted in all its glory in this workplace. 

This widens the appeal of her content across different audiences. But it also addresses the fact that mainstream porn has often neglected marginalized groups who want to see themselves in the content they consume. 

Truly innovative storytelling

Beyond setting the tone for the global the treatment of adult performers, Erika Lust films has paved the way in creative storytelling, crafting narratives that are engaging on different levels. After all, erotica should still be a thought-provoking story, not just a means to an end. This artist has woven compelling tales and POVs that elevate her contribution to adult cinema like no other. 

Starting a movement and a legacy 

With over 300 erotic films under her belt, Erika Lust’s vision has persevered through the decaded. As a result, she’s transformed an entire industry. Her work, advocating for the rights of others, inspired countless filmmakers and set a new standard in erotic filmmaking. In many ways, it’s blurred the lines between porn and cinema, blending the words of artistic integrity with social justice. 

erika lust standing in front of neon lust sign

By embracing ethical principles, this Barcelona-based company is reshaping how society thinks about sexuality, creating positive change that will echo in the years to come.



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