The PR Advantage: How Can Public Relations Help A Company?

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The PR Advantage: How Can Public Relations Help A Company?

A lot of new business owners are on the fence about investing a significant amount of their budget in PR. Some see it as no more than an entity to send out press releases. What’s the payoff and how can PR help a company? Whether you don’t think your company is big enough to require PR services or you’re unsure of a strategy, the reality is that public relations aren’t a luxury. If it can be afforded, it’s a way to cement a favorable and reliable reputation with the public. But how can public relations help a company in more specific terms? Here are some top benefits and why PR should be a budget priority. 

1. Industry-specific expertise

While PR agencies have a wide range of experience, having niche expertise in specific industries can be highly beneficial. For brands in complicated industries like sexual wellness, industry-specific expertise is not just a bonus – it’s a necessity. Our sexual wellness PR agency can guide your brand to the masses and the right trade shows while navigating the complex terrain of an industry facing censorship, regulation, advertising hurdles, and other challenging issues.

2. Target your audience

In the ongoing battle of niche vs. Broad industry, we’d have to say that niche is usually the way to go. PR agencies can help you reach customers by casting a wide net. While marketing efforts solely target customers, public relations teams can get results from not just customers but additional audiences with impact like investors, the media, suppliers, and beyond.

3. Improved engagement with the community

Communications are a major part of running a successful brand. Dialogue is necessary between a brand and its audience, not only to sell more products or services but to earn customer feedback and figure out what opportunities to pursue. Social media is a major way to do this, and PR professionals like Little Leaf can engage properly with fans on different platforms like X and Instagram to figure out in what ways the business can be optimized.

4. Establishing you as a trustworthy presence

Coming off as trustworthy and credible isn’t just important for customers who want to buy your products or services. It’s also important to cultivate this reputation with stakeholders. We give a voice to your business, and that voice is carefully crafted to convey purpose, messaging, and ultimately proof that your brand has a story worth telling — and worth trusting. 

5. It increases visibility

How can PR help a company when it comes to boosting visibility? Having a solid public relations plan in place checks different boxes across the board. It can strengthen key messaging via media, social platforms, and pitch outreach that secures opportunities like speaking engagements and expos. Paid advertising has a time and a place, but building goodwill is a whole other beast in enhancing your brand’s standing within its industry.

6. It can help you with corporate responsibility

Today’s world raises the bar for ethical and sustainable business, and we put this value first at Little Leaf Agency. As sexual wellness PR professionals, it’s our job to mitigate a crisis or disaster on behalf of our clients. We can help you promote these ethical practices and be more transparent with your audience so that you gain loyalty from the conscious buyer.

7. It can help with SEO

At Little Leaf, we work with content management and SEO specialists to get more eyeballs for your blog and other content. We can also help provide SEO briefs to writers so that anyone you outsource content to writes more effectively to increase visibility. Public relations agencies are proficient in boosting SEO so that your website consistently shows up at the top of search results pages.

8. Your reach could be international

No matter where your company is based, global agencies like our own work with professionals across multiple time zones and countries. We’re not limited to one market, which means we can expand your audience and gain international attention. For a company that wants to increase brand awareness as much as possible, this is invaluable and makes for limitless potential. 

9. Deal with managing a crisis – the right way

Earning positive news coverage is one thing, but what happens when your brand faces a PR crisis? There are countless examples of what happens when disaster strikes and a brand tries to take things into its own hands, often unsuccessfully. Although we can help in the face of something going wrong, we can also put a PR crisis plan in place that limits damage and helps your brand come up with the best response possible (on proper channels) to mitigate any fallout. 

10. Enhance brand image

This is one of the most obvious reasons to partner with a public relations agency, but for those who aren’t aware, PR can improve your brand image and flesh out your brand identity more effectively. A brand image isn’t just how others perceive you – it’s a long-term investment that provides value for years to come and shapes so many other aspects of your business.

11. Attracting investors

Sometimes, sales aren’t enough. Many businesses require capital for substantial growth, which means investors need to be on board. Investors love a good plan, and PR agencies can assist in fleshing out the plan that will attract investors and show that the business has the potential to flourish further. Agencies like us are pros at integrating investor-friendly lingo into our strategy – as a result, they’ll seek your brand out rather than you knocking on their doors. 

Instead of asking the question, “how can PR help a company?” ask yourself, how can it not? In today’s highly competitive landscape, our sexual wellness PR agency can help ensure that you reap all the advantages of integrating PR into your business.



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