A Night To Remember With Eye Of Love And Patti Stanger At “The Magic Of Matchmaker”

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A Night To Remember With Eye Of Love And Patti Stanger At “The Magic Of Matchmaker”

Our client Eye of Love’s bestselling pheromone perfumes are having a major moment, and last night’s “The Magic of Matchmaker” event proved it. Complete with an expert-led panel, the event celebrated the Matchmaker line of pheromone perfumes and massage candles co-created by CW’s Millionaire Matchmaker star Patti Stanger and Eye of Love. The Matchmaker range was recently featured in the newest season of the show and can be seen throughout various episodes.  

mr brainwash art with eye of love products

Held at Mr. Brainwash Art Museum, the event was a feast for the senses, celebrating creativity in all forms. In a panel discussion hosted by TV personality and influencer Joey Zauzig, Patti Stanger and Eye Of Love Vice President Jacqui Rubinoff dived into topics like what AI means for the future of dating, how people can date more successfully in 2024, and the role pheromones play in linking the worlds of romance and science.

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A resounding success attended by all kinds of VIPs, from influencers to media professionals, the panel opened up thought-provoking conversations amongst the crowd. And, of course, Eye of Love perfumes and massage candles were in the spotlight all night, enhancing connections as they do best!

Stanger commented on the evening, saying, “The event had a fabulous turnout, and it was great to see such a positive reaction to the Matchmaker line. Pheromones shouldn’t be underestimated — they’re a unique tool that can help people find love, and this memorable evening helped share that with a wider audience.”

Eye of Love is a force to be reckoned with, and the impressive turnout at this soiree proved that. Collaboration was at the heart of the event, from Patti Stanger’s partnership with Eye of Love to create a one-of-a-kind line to the stunning art at the iconic Mr. Brainwash Art Museum, which started important discussions and provided incredible scenery for the event. 

jacqui rubinoff joey zauzig panel

The massage candles from the bestselling range are filled with sensual scents and a luxurious shea butter base that melts into the skin. The fragrances, packaged in a chic, diamond-shaped glass bottle, are available for men, women, and non-binary people. Using ingredients that work in harmony with the body’s natural chemistry, they have an alluring effect that helps attract romantic partners, increase the likelihood of service workers earning tips, and empower people from the boardroom to the bedroo



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