Igniting the Power of Attraction: Little Leaf Partners with Eye of Love


Igniting the Power of Attraction: Little Leaf Partners with Eye of Love

There’s a new fragrance in the air that’s set to enhance the human connection. 

Little Leaf Agency is thrilled to welcome the leading premium pheromone brand, Eye of Love, to our roster of powerhouses shaking up the sexual wellness space.

From the boardroom to the bedroom, Eye of Love, helps individuals connect, build confidence, attract new love, reinvigorate their relationships, and realize the success they desire, in every aspect of their lives. 

Combining the highest quality vegan pheromones and seductive fragrances, Eye of Love creates perfumes and colognes that evoke sensuality and confidence. A family-run company based in San Diego, Eye of Love has won customers’ hearts globally and is now selling in over 20 countries.

Here at Little Leaf, we strive to help our clients spread their distinctive message of sexual wellness and pleasure-positivity. We believe that Eye of Love adds this singularity to the sexual wellness space through their sensory approach to human attraction. We’re committed to helping  Eye of Love spread the love. 

Kathryn Byberg, Founder and Managing Director at Little Leaf Agency says: “Eye of Love’s commitment to creating products that contribute to meaningful and intimate connections aligns perfectly with our values. We look forward to leveraging our expertise to grow the brand.”

According to Alberto Chowaiki, Founder and CEO of Eye of Love, the attraction is mutual. 

Eye of Love Founder and CEO, Alberto Chowaiki says: “When we first met with Little Leaf Agency, we immediately felt a connection and it wasn’t just the pheromones at play. We could see immediately that we shared a similar vision. There are lots of exciting plans in the pipeline for Eye of Love this year and our partnership with Little Leaf Agency couldn’t come at a better time. Watch this space.”

We look forward to partnering with Eye of Love in their mission to empower individuals to feel confident while promoting healthy relationships, attraction, and sexual wellness. 



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