Fun Factory And Uberlube Secure Big Wins At Altstar Awards And Ask Men Awards

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Fun Factory And Uberlube Secure Big Wins At Altstar Awards And Ask Men Awards

Our clients went from nominees to winners at the Altstar Awards and Ask Men Awards. We want to give a special shoutout to Fun Factory, Eye of Love and uberlube for continuing to innovate and take home top honors in the sexual wellness industry.

In the Ask Men Awards category of Bedroom Products, uberlube won the category of “Best Silicone-Based Lube” as of June 11, 2024. They’re no stranger to this moniker as they’re the leading silicone lubricant that outperforms others, is never sticky, and doesn’t dry out. Whether it’s being used for anal play, a romp in the shower or bath, or anytime you need that dreamy glide for a little bit longer, this perfectly slippery product is a must-have for any bedside table. 

Fun Factory celebrated success at the 2024 Altstar Awards in the event’s in-person ceremony in Las Vegas on Sunday, June 9. Their best-selling Laya III won under the category of “Best Tech Toy.” Over the years, this lay-on vibrator has been updated. It is designed to cradle the pubic bone (or any erogenous zone) for maximum pleasure and is available in stylish, gender-neutral colors. 

True to the Fun Factory brand ethos, it’s incredibly versatile for all uses, from pinpoint and broad stimulation to blowjobs or messages. The toy uses a combination of vibrations and taps for a multilayered experience, which Fun Factory refers to as “micro-adjustable vibrations,” so you can find the perfect sensation for your desires.

Eye of Love also won at the Ask Men Awards, receiving “Best Sensual Anniversary Gift” for their Eye of Love Matchmaker Pheromone Massage Candle. The candle, which features delectable scents and a shea butter base, is part of an exciting new collaboration between the iconic millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger and Eye of Love.

The recent wins at the Altstar and Ask Men Awards are a testament to our clients’ brilliance, but it’s just the beginning. Little Leaf is proud to continue its reputation for representing award-winning brands with an emphasis on quality and creativity. Their success is our success! Stories like this inspire us to keep amplifying the voices of sexual wellness professionals and reaching higher with our achievements. 



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