Love Not War’s ‘Break up With Your Shower Head Campaign’ Goes Viral

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Love Not War’s ‘Break up With Your Shower Head Campaign’ Goes Viral

This World Environment Day, environmentally conscious and sustainable sex toy brand Love Not War launched a genius campaign, encouraging the public to save on water by breaking up with their shower head and instead opt for an eco-friendly sex toy instead.

The British sustainable sex toy brand has partnered with independent creative agency DUDE:London to create “Break up with Your Shower head” a new campaign that aims to not only raise awareness about the environmental impact of water wastage but also wants to show people that there are more sustainable masturbation methods available.

Going viral on Drum’s Linkedin and also gaining hundreds of thousands of views over on Instagram, the film shines a light on the untold side of the shower masturbation story. It gives a voice to five shower heads, five broken-hearted and rejected ex-lovers as they share their experience of the breakup. They let their raw emotions flow, weeping at being used and now finally dumped in favour of a new lover: a Love Not War sustainable sex toy. The campaign also has users talking over on Reddit too, with comments such as “this is marketing done to perfection” and “this is the best ad I’ve seen for anything!”

Will Ranscombe, CEO and Co-Founder of Love Not War, said: “When it comes to sex, we know that wetter is better. It’s better for us anyway, but perhaps not when it comes to our planet. Our primary focus is on pleasure – but orgasms shouldn’t cost the Earth. We want to encourage people to ‘Break Up with Your Showerhead,’ and switch to more sustainable options for self-love.”

Hanna Livengood, reproductive health specialist, commented: “The shower has long been a place where self-pleasure gets steamy – there’s privacy, the shower helps to mitigate noise, and let’s not forget the showerhead itself which offers pressure and targeted sensation. While a shower session can be undeniably amazing, the reality of masturbating in the shower is that it’s a huge waste of water- about 2.5 gallons every minute. Not only is this unsustainable, but the water quality in most countries is extremely poor and laden with chemicals that can potentially alter your vagina’s natural flora. Opting for a sex toy means you have fun while saving the planet.”

To help encourage people to make the leap and finally ‘break up’ with their shower head, Love Not War is making the switch easy by offering 20% off their toys throughout the month of June. Love Not War offers 25% commission on Awin and is available on Skimlinks.

Love Not War’s entire range, which is designed and created in the company’s custom-built, green-powered factory, is waterproof, rechargeable and each toy comes in two separate parts, the base and head. This makes each vibrator head detachable and interchangeable with all the other heads in the brand’s range allowing you to have multiple toys in one.

To learn more about Love Not War and the “Break up with Your Shower head” campaign, visit



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